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Here’s the Colorado Reef Buoy (Red#26) about 5 nm off Montara.  I took this photo two weeks ago returning from the Windjammers Race to Santa Cruz with Nick on his “Escapade.”  We figured there was a great white in the ‘hood because the sea lion pups, along with several sea lion moms were stacked on top of each other on the base. We didn’t see any sharks, but we did see too many humpback whales along with some harbor porpoises, mola mola, common murres, pelicans, and other pelagic birds (do sea gulls count?).   By the way, we call sea lion pups, “Great White Pops.”  The marine food chain is a cruel thing.

I’m headed back down that way Saturday on the SSS Half Moon Bay Race. Pillar Point at the N end of HMB is only 25 nm down the coast, about a third of the distance to Santa Cruz, so after I Start Saturday morning in S. F., I ought to finish the race and be tied up in the Pillar Point Marina (HMB) well before dark. I’d better, because the race deadline is 6:00! It’s actually only about 2 miles further to HMB than to Vallejo for those of you who’ve been that direction.

I’ve decided to sail the race singlehanded this year. It’s been a few years since I’ve singlehanded to HMB and I’m looking forward to screaming obscene sailing commands to myself when something doesn’t go right. That’ll give my faithful crew members a welcome break! I’ll overnight at the Pillar Point Marina with the commercial fishing boats (smell!) and party fishing boats (early noise!). It’s salmon season on the coast!!!  Dinner at the HMB Yacht Club (not as classy as it sounds). An early start out to this Colorado Reef Buoy (that’s Pillar Point in the dim right side of the picture just to the left of the black dot which is another boat), then turn N and enjoy a close reach back letting Mr. A. Helm steer the boat while I snooze or even work a crossword puzzle. This sailing life is hard!

You can follow Saturday’s race on  And check the results, too.  If you happen to follow along – or check – let me know.  Thanks, Pat

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