2018 BAMA Doublehanded Farallones Race Update – Friday, March 23 - Archived

BAMA Fans,

Friday afternoon Final “Update” for tomorrow’s race.

Tracking:  Here’s Jibeset.net’s tracking address:    www.jibeset.net/gpsspotwho.php

There are more boats using trackers this year, so you’ll need to tick the boxes of the boats you want to see.  You can start tracking us around 08:00 Pacific Time.  But don’t be worried if things don’t work out.  It’s a complicated system from “NANCY’s” bow (where we have the tracker) to a satellite and thru the Internet to Jibeset and back thru the Internet to you. It’s been working well and I hope tomorrow’s no exception.

Remember, you can also watch the Farallon Island Cam:    https://www.calacademy.org/webcams/farallones

Boats should start appearing around noon Pacific time.

We’re getting up very early in Santa Rosa and Cloverdale to drive down and get over to the Start Line at the Golden Gate Yacht Club.  We’re looking forward to a good sail out and around the “Stinky Rocks” (with several hundred thousand birds you can smell it miles and miles downwind!).

Friday morning

BAMA Faralloners,

Its’s Friday morning at 09:15 in Santa Rosa. If everything goes right, tomorrow morning at this time Ross and I will have Started the BAMA Doublehanded Farallones Race  and be past the GG Bridge on our way out to the ocean.   Here’s NOAA’s forecast for the Lightship (12.5 nm beyond the bridge) and for the S.E. Farallon Island (28 nm out).

The top graph is surface wind speed on each chart.  The “arrows” indicate wind direction (the direction the “arrow” is pointed) and wind speed (number and size of “feathers”).  The 2nd graph is “Significant Wave Height in feet.  And the 3rd graph shows Swell Height (purple) and Swell Period in seconds (blue).

We’ll probably arrive in the Lightship vicinity (we don’t actually sail to it) around 10:30 or 11:00.  So, we can expect SW wind around 11 knots (around 12.6 mph) with 7 foot seas.  The swell period is shown as 12 seconds, which means about 4 swells per minute.  They shouldn’t be breaking at that height and period, so we’ll being doing some “up & down” but it should be pretty comfortable.

The sail back will be interesting.  We’re figuring another 5 hours back, but we may make better speed both going out and returning.  It looks like NOAA thinks the SW wind will increase as it gets later in the day and as we get closer to land.  At some point late in the afternoon the wind will clock around to NW and when it does, the wind speed with increase dramatically.

We have to jump back to the top graph when we’re halfway back.   We should pass the Lightship on our return around 15:00 or so. That means a transition period, so we might begin the course back on a starboard tack, and after the Lightship transition into a run and jibe over to a port tack for the last part to the Finish.   It it takes us 10 hours to sail 28 nm, and if we Start at 08:30, we should be back inside the GG Bridge and Finishing around 18:30, but if our speed is better, we might be Finished by 17:30.

-Pat & Ross


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