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  1. Gail Turluck

    Do you have any Sunfish active in your group?

    1. admin (Post author)

      No, sorry we have no Sunfish sailors right now. We do sail a variety of boats, Lasers, Vagabonds, El Toros and others. All of our races have a open class using a handicap system making them available to just about anything with a sail to compete. You’re welcome to try sailing with us.
      Even as a non-member (just need to fill out a release of liability form).

  2. Steve Neely

    I am new to Santa Rosa area. I have a Cal 21 sailboat I am getting ready to move the boat into the area and am looking for affordable berthing/storage, suggestions on where to sail, as well as activities afforded by membership. it has been several years since I did any sailing, but used to sail in large lakes and reservoirs such as New Malones Reservoir, Whiskeytown Lake, and Folsom Lake. Are there any similar lakes near Santa Rosa?

    Regattas sound like fun and I have always been interested in trying one. I would not consider it now without some practice first, but the fact you offer some opportunities in that area is encouraging.

    Please provide what info you can. I think membership is a good idea once I find a place to keep the boat.



    1. Joseph Duri

      Lake Sonoma, Lake Berryessa, Lake Mendocino, Clearlake are all viable options. We will also sail Alameda, and Tomales.
      Lake Sonoma has both wet and dry storage options. Most affordable I’ve found is Payless Storage, in Cloverdale.

  3. Christian Johnson

    My name is Christian Johnson and I am a proud owner of a Vagabond 14. I am interested in learning more about the club and would like to attend a meeting. I do see that you have a meeting tonight at 6pm. Given the current rolling power outages will this still be scheduled and if so could I attend tonight.



    1. admin (Post author)

      Hello Christian,

      Sorry I took a while to get back to you. We were on a long vacation without much internet. You would be welcome to attend any meeting or event as a non member or a member of the club. We have a race scheduled at Spring Lake tomorrow and you could check it out if you are interested. We never know how many will show up. Our races are pretty low keys affairs, maybe more of an excuse to go sailing rather than just compete. There are a couple Vagabond sailors in the club. Hope you can join us

      Mark, SRSC secretary

  4. Pat Broderick

    I’d welcome another Vagabond/Holder sailor! I plan to be at Spring Lake today – November 17.


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