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Monthly Meeting

Wednesday, December 11, 6 pm.

You are invited to attend our Monthly meeting.

There is a chance to also order some food during the meeting and meet new or re-connect with old (or young) sailing friends.
It’s also an opportunity to introduce and discuss ideas for club events, new or old.
Hope to see you there.


Pizza Gourmet
1415 Fulton Rd
Santa Rosa
CA 95401

Link to the club calendar .here.

SRSC Minutes 8-14-2019

SRSC Minutes 9-11-2019

Spring Lake Fall Series Wrapup

We had the final race day of this series On Sunday, Nov 17. There was a total of six different boats that participated on three different race days. No rainouts or other weather-related cancellations for this one.

Fall Series Results

NameBoatD-PN HandicapPointsPlace
Gail CafferataEl Toro126.6211
Dave Crowe
El Toro126.6172
Bob & Shannon ChivvisCL 14101.2123
David GrayBanshee93.794
Wallace WhitingVagabond 14111.065


Light winds

Race Observer

2019 Regatta Results

After determining some clarifications, please see the final results of the 2019 Labor Day Regatta below:


David Gray Banshee5193.722111
Noel GrayBanshee7293.711332
Dennis DericksonLaser10391.133223


Mark MadiganCatalina 255.5195.6221.511
Mark PetersEricson 265.5293.9111.522
Bill DanielHunter 2212393.033334
Series tie broken by Rule A8.


John MahaffeyPelican41131.211111
William FlynnPelican92131.223322

2019 Summer Twilight Series

This series has ended. Thanks to all who participated and congratulations, too!

Lake Ralphine FINAL results after August 19

Doug HowsonLaser661
Paul ZeniLaser352
David GrayBanshee323
Bill DanielLaser94
Gail CafferataEl Toro411
Mark AlarieSpindrift 10222
Wallace WhitingVagabond 14223
Walt SchulteSpindrift 1264

2019 Twilight Details

Sailboat racing on Lake Ralphine (Howarth Park, Santa Rosa, CA) every Monday evening June 3 through August 19. Three races each evening; first race begins mid-lake at 6:00 P.M.Two Classes: D-PN greater than 100 (e.g., El Toro, Sabot, Vagabond 14, Spindrift 10), and D-PN less than or equal to 100 (e.g., Laser, Force 5, FJ, Sunfish).

See the following for Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions:
2019 Twilight NOR-SI

2019 Spring Lake Summer Series FINISHED

Three Sundays: June 23, July 14, Aug 18

After a successful start to the race series, the last two race days had slim turnouts, so that the results for the first day on June 23 are also the final results!


FINAL Results

NameBoatD-PN HandicapPointsPlace
Emilio CastelliLaser91.1111
David GrayBanshee93.7112
Mark AlarieOmega 14110.6103
Wallace WhitingVagabond 14111.0104
Bill DanielLaser91.135

Detailed results

Labor Day Regatta

The Labor Day Invitational Regatta on Tomales Bay is our premier event of the year. This family affair involves camping on Marshall Beach (west shore of Tomales Bay) for three days, where there is no road access, meaning that everything is taken in by boat! During the three days, there are beach activities and sail racing. The regatta consists of five races. Launch ramp for keel fleet is located at Miller Park. Additional beach launching site for dinghys is at Marconi Cove. Camping is on the beach in Point Reyes National Seashore.

Participation is open to both members and non-members.

General Chairman: Bill Daniel

The documents for the 2019 regatta are uploaded and available to download here.


2019 Sausalito Yacht Club’s Rear Commodore’s Race

The 2019 Sausalito Yacht Club’s Rear Commodore’s Race started near Point Knox at the southwest corner of Angel Island, took a very short upwind leg to the “Little Harding Rock” buoy, and finished at the Vallejo Yacht Club, about 21 nm up through the North San Francisco and San Pablo Bays. Santa Rosa Sailing Club Commodore David Gray and his son Noel joined Pat Broderick aboard “NANCY” for the race. The competition was three larger racer-cruisers in the spinnaker division. Although “NANCY” only has one sail and no spinnaker, Northern California PHRF rules mandate that we sail in the spinnaker division when we race.

David and Pat

The Start was scheduled for 11:05 near Near Point Knox. Wind was predicted to be SW in the high single digits around start time, about an hour after maximum ebb building into the mid-teens later in the day. That made the short first leg quick and easy, but presented a major problem the first part of the upwind leg through Raccoon Strait and into the North Bay. With the additional runoff from this Winter’s snow, Ebbs are earlier and stronger than predicted in the 2019 Current Booklet. The decision was to sail directly back toward Angel Island on the shoal that exists on its western side, enter Raccoon Strait at Point Stuart, the NW corner of the island, hug the island where there was some relief from the adverse current, then jump across to the North side of the strait about halfway through. The strategy worked and “NANCY” emerged from the east of of Raccoon Strait ahead of the other boats.

David Gray

Noel Gray


The ebb continued to be a problem, however, with the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge the next objective, directly upstream. The decision was to sail to across Upper San Francisco Bay to the east side, take Red Rock Island to port, hug the Richmond shoreline, passing under the east end of the Richmond Bridge near Chevron’s Long Wharf, and continue along the two Navy piers beyond the bridge, then sail between the East Brother Island and Pt. San Pablo before turning into San Pablo Bay. The other boats chose to stay toward the middle and continued to lose ground.

Once into San Pablo Bay, past Point San Pablo, the course was to stay south on the shallows to avoid the ebb in the middle. Point Pinole was the next objective. Since current speeds are different at different times at the Golden Gate and Carquinez Strait the ebb abated and was gradually replaced by the afternoon flood. Watching the scud lines which marked the changing current past Point Pinole, the decision was to cross to the north, toward the entrance to the Mare Island Strait, the mouth of the Napa River. The further up San Pablo Bay, the more the flood began to be felt. Once inside the Mare Island Strait the flood increased, but now aided in pushing the boat upstream toward the Finish Line at the Vallejo Yacht Club. The growing Flood added over a knot to the boat speed. Current can be your friend!

Sausalito YC Rear Commodore Mary Want presenting Pat with 1st Place Trophy

The Finish whistle tweeted at 15:13:23. It took 04:08:23 to sail the 21 nm course. “NANCY” corrected out at 03:58:50, beating the 2nd Place boat by 00:27:59 – almost half an hour. It was an enjoyable race, with very nice reaching conditions across San Pablo Bay, a definite plus for a Wyliecat, and flat water, a definite plus for a light boat. The weather was warm; no foulies needed. Sunscreen was the order of the day. In all it was a near perfect day of sailing with wonderful conditions. Commodore David, Noel, and Pat enjoyed themselves very much. David and Noel chose to return to Santa Rosa after the boats were tied up stern first to the VYC guest dock.

Pat’s Cousin Rick from Napa joined him for the double handed return sail Sunday in nearly identical conditions. The sail home took about the same time in mild, warm wind and cooperating currents. It was one of the best two-day Vallejo weekends for Pat, whose first Vallejo race was in 1971!