Monthly Archive: October 2021

2021 Labor Day Regatta Report

The Regatta was a great escape from Covid and the weather gods were cooperative. The work that went into the permits was extraordinary, Thank you, Mark Madigan.

Gail and Bob gave us a race committee.
Bill Daniel put together a flag stand that the park would accept.
Joe Duri supplied a motor for the Club boat.
David Gray supplied trophies for the winners.

The pot luck was delicious, the two bonfires were enjoyed and as usual fun was had all around.

—Bill Daniel

Race Results

Once I sort out who’s who in the above tally sheet, I will post the results in a table.

2021 Summer Twilight Race Series

We had a successful race series with a total of 12 race evenings, none were canceled due to weather. There were 11 boats participating in at least one race each. Congratulations to all!

Hope to see you next year.

Lake Ralphine FINAL results after August 30

Doug HowsonLaser1231
Paul ZeniLaser1142
David GrayBanshee753
Charlie DottiLaser50
Noel Sutphin-GrayBanshee22
Bill DanielLaser4
Gail CafferataEl Toro221
Joe DuriLone star162
Mark AlarieSpindrift 1072
Wallace WhitingVagabond 145

2021 Final Twilight Results